TREVOR   Set Design | Circle X Theatre

Almost a character in itself is Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s set. Done in a homely vernacular, it’s so huge and detailed that it’s almost overwhelming. Coming from Schwartz — who created the lyrical minimalism supporting Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea — this outsized kitsch-fest is no accident. Silently but powerfully, it puts us all in Trevor’s plight, surrounded by familiar objects that nonetheless feel vaguely threatening.”


“So impressive is Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s realistic set that one is immediately swept into a somewhat disheveled middle class home belonging to Sandra Morris (amazingly superb Laurie Metcalf).”


“Kudos to Stephanie Kerley Schwartz for her detailed, rustic set design of Sandra and Trevor's lived-in living quarters with cage in the backyard.”


“The detailed suburban-house set by Stephanie Kerley Schwartz is exemplary.”


“Scenic designer Stephanie Kerley Schwartz's set perfectly captures the suburban squalor that looks like, well, a chimp lives there.”


“As Trevor (the amazing Jimmi Simpson) analyzes his television work from the couch on Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s superb scenic design, the aforementioned Sandra Morris (ever-axiomatic Laurie Metcalf) bursts in, maternally bemoaning Trevor’s excursion in her car.”

—LOS ANGELES TIMES, David C. Nichols

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