THE WHO’S TOMMY   Set Design | East West Players

"A glossy, Asian-inflected production grabs the eye from first sight of designer Stephanie Kerley-Schwartz’s smartly functional set, replete with strobe-capable light towers and compact discs hanging from the proscenium like hallucinogenic sequins."

—LOS ANGELES TIMES, David C. Nichols

“With director Desai bringing out the very best in his cast of performers (in addition to making ingenious use of scenic designer Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s all-night-rave-ready set throughout), it’s hard to imagine a more exciting musical theatre ensemble.”


“Every inch of Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s double-deckered set's used to maximum effect with every flat (and not-so-flat) space serving as screens for the vivid (patterns of colors and symbols) and informative (lyrics and the advancing dates) video projections of Sean T. Cawelti.”


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