PYGMALION   Set Design | The Pasadena Playhouse

“The seamless flow of the production design serves as a haunting reminder that the audience is not only watching a comedy, but is in the middle of a social battleground that challenges the very fabric of English society. Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s breathtaking scenic design has an unspoken mechanistic quality that hints at Shaw’s Marxist leanings.”

—NEON TOMMY, Annenberg Media Center

“Stephanie Kerley Schwartz has created an elemental set that moves swiftly from scene to scene, allowing the flow of what is essentially an episodic tale to become remarkably even.”


“…with a post-modern design by Stephanie Kerley Schwartz that shakes off the stodgy visual trappings of the play’s Edwardian setting.”


Pygmalion has been brought to stunning visual/audio life by scenic designer Stephanie Kerley Schwartz.”

—STAGE SCENE LA, Steven Stanley

“The industrial, steam-punkish look of Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s artful set (metal circular stairs, support poles and upper level walkway) reflects the play’s still-contemporary issues of female oppression and economic divide.”


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