PENELOPE   Set Design | Rogue Machine Theatre

"The empty pool in which they brawl (scenic design by the remarkably able Stephanie Kerley Schwartz… this is a space thrilling to visit, horrifying, necessary."


"Stephanie Kerley Schwartz's set makes this improbable setting, complete with a barbecue and drinks table, seem perfectly plausible."

—LOS ANGELES TIMES, Charles Mcnulty

"Great detailed, empty pool set by Stephanie Kerley Schwartz appropriately creates the atmosphere of a surreal survival living space."


"Director John Perrin Flynn's exquisitely phantasmagoric staging (featuring Stephanie Kerley Schwartz's masterfully decrepit set, proves the perfect vehicle for Walsh's poetically charged, comic indictment of the something-for-nothing gene driving humankind's will to self-extermination."


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