GOOD GRIEF   Set Design | CTG/Kirk Douglas Theatre

The first page of the script of Ngozi Anwanyu’s Good Grief (onstage at the Kirk Douglas Theatre through March 26, 2017) specifies the time (1992–2005) and place (Bucks County, Pennsylvania) where the play’s action occurs.

But what caught scenic designer Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s attention was something much more abstract: “it is always night.” She explained that this was her first “aha” moment with the play, which captured her imagination from the very first read-through. “Dreams and memories take place in sort of softened, darkened parts of your brain,” she said. “That’s where the surround came—the blue floor and all the abstracted things onstage. I didn’t want to call out anything that pinned the set down too much in the big world of the play.”


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