DONTRELL, WHO KISSED THE SEA   Set Design | Skylight Theatre Company

"'Be prepared to be amazed by what’s around you.'" That line, from Nathan Alan Davis’s Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea, should serve as a benevolent warning to the audience entering the SkylightTheatre. This fable about a young Black man’s search for an ancestor who leapt off a slave ship as it crossed the Atlantic weaves storytelling, music, dance, and ritual into a fantastical tapestry: imaginatively conceived and written, spectacularly staged and designed, and acted with ferocious commitment, the result is thrilling. Also inspired are the contributions of the design team: Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s set, with pieces cleverly serving more than one purpose (who knew a picnic table could turn into a Viking longboat?!).”


“Wallace’s ensemble nimbly evokes multiple scenic backdrops using surprisingly few props.”


"Dontrell‘s physical production is lovely, wringing a world from simple elements: Stephanie Kerley Schwartz’s draped scrims, orange-crate boxes and planks (which ascend from utility to fantasy at a single stroke in the raft)."


“Kudos to Stephanie Kerley's top-tier set composed of wooden planks and multi-purpose wooden pieces with free-form white drapes serving as video projection screens for Nicholas Santiago's effectual waves, rain, and stars. Impeccably staged set changes by the cast morph platforms into a dining room table, a bed, the edge of a swimming pool, and the piece de resistance-a sailboat. David B. Marling's distinctive sound effects complement the whole aquatic atmosphere.”


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